For most applications, you can establish a connection by creating your own application. Instructions on how to create your app can be found here. However, some applications use a token (Access token, API token) to create a connection. In this article, we will show you how to create this token using the GitLab application as an example.

Creating a Token

1. To create a token, you need to have an account created on the site. In your account, click on your profile (your avatar). Then select edit profile (for other applications the name may be different: settings, my profile, etc.).

gitlab - homepage - edit profile

2. On the left bar, select “Access tokens” (API token, Create token, etc.).

gitlab - user settings - access tokens

3. Then choose the name of your token (optional). Then check the scopes (token rights) and click create a personal access token.

personal access tokens - settings of token name and scopes

4. Your token has been created. Save your token – it will be used as access for creating your integrations.

personal access tokens - new personal token

How to use the Token

5. In, click on create a new scenario.

homepage of integrator

6. Click the plus icon and select the desired application. integrator - plus icon

7. Click on Add. integrator - new scenario - gitlab

8. In the connection type, select GitLab (private token, preferred). integrator - new scenario - gitlab connection type

9. Fill in your private token and click save and you’re done. integrator - new scenario - gitlab token

If you encounter any problems while creating your token, please do not hesitate to contact our support.