module navigation: Understanding the hierarchy and features of the System

The majority of the modules are built on the same foundation, ensuring ease of use and clarity across all modules and their spaces or records.

Orientation in the hierarchy of the system

One level above

A button that returns the user to the level above (back).


Space menu

Filter spaces inside the module by status and create new spaces.

Navigation panel

Navigation across spaces within the module.

Navigation toolbar

Navigate across spaces within the currently selected space.

Spaces settings

The main spaces settings are displayed when one of the spaces is selected – in addition to setting and deleting spaces, it also contains logs of changes that have been made.

User settings

Managing users assigned to a space – adding and removing users, including setting their rights.

Additional menu of a specific space

An additional menu of a specific space displayed when one of the spaces is selected – contains a button to delete the space.


Creating a record

Button to create a record in the selected space.

List of records

All records according to the current selection – if no space is selected and no filter is applied, all records to which the user has access are displayed.

Filtration toolbar

Sorting and searching records. Under the funnel icon is a filter panel. Spaces containing filtered records are displayed in the navigation toolbar.

Editing a record

Button for displaying the record detail in which the record can be edited (after editing mode is enabled).

Column settings

Selection of columns that should be displayed in the list of records.

Deleting a record

Button for deleting a record.

Record listing pages

Orientation among a large number of records.