Understanding the two system roles in Boost.space

These roles vary based on the permissions at each level of the system.

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A system administrator can add, remove, and manage all three levels of the system. At the same time, they can manage all users in the system settings, which are only accessible to administrators from the bottom toolbar on the main desktop. Only the admin has access to the Integrator. Admin can also create custom fields. The user can then attach them to a space and use them, but not create them. The number of admins depends on the license you’ve purchased. With the Grow and Scale licenses, you can have only 1 admin. With the Enterprise license, you can choose the number of admins. You can find more information HERE.

They can add and set up modules / addons. Then they can make them available to other users.



System users can use modules/addons and create or manage spaces and records to which they or their team have been assigned. They can use custom fields as well but they are not able to create them.

They work with spaces and records within the modules / addons they have access to.