Important: Boost.Space Modules Required for Active Scenarios

Boost.Space Implements Usage Policy to Ensure Module Integration

Boost.Space, in collaboration with our partner, is working towards changing how companies synchronize data. As a part of this initiative, we have integrated‘s technology into our platform.

However, to ensure a fair and cooperative relationship with, we have implemented a usage policy for scenarios within Boost.Space. Here’s what you need to know:

Rule for Scenarios: If your scenarios contain any Boost.Space module, they will continue to function normally. However, if a scenario does not include a Boost.Space module, it will be automatically deactivated once a day.

The goal of this policy is to ensure that Boost.Space’s integration technology is used to enhance the functionality of our platform. This means that for your scenarios to remain active, they must include a Boost.Space module.

In conclusion, when creating or maintaining scenarios in Boost.Space, always ensure to include a Boost.Space module to prevent automatic deactivation.