spaces and their use in organizing data and information

Spaces are created in the modules so that each module remains an organized and clear place even with a large amount of data.

Only users who have created the space or have been added to the space have access to the space.

Space examples:

In most cases, you will not encounter the word space within the system because the names of the individual spaces correspond to the module.

  • module Products → space List of products (e.g. organic products, frozen products)
  • module Tasks → space Todolist (e.g. todolist sales team, todolist support team)
  • module Orders → space Contact list (e.g. client database, supplier database)


space examples -

Sales processes

The sales tools share common spaces of business processes that are used in the modules:

  • Business cases;
  • Orders;
  • Purchases;
  • Offers;
  • Business contracts;