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The Egnyte modules allow you to monitor, create, update, list, retrieve, upload, download, move, copy, lock and unlock, and delete files and folders, audit reports, namespaces, tasks, bookmarks, trash, groups, comments, users, events, and watch events

To get started with the Egnyte app, create an account at the Egnyte website.

For the list of available endpoints, refer to the Egnyte API Documentation.

Connecting Egnyte to Integrator

To connect your Egnyte account to Integrator :

  1. Log in to Integrator, add any Egnyte module and click Create a Connection.

  2. Optional: In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

  3. In the Domain field, enter the account and your URL address. For example,

  4. Optional: Click Show Advanced Settings, enter the client credentials, and select the scopes for connection.

  5. Click Save.

  6. If prompted, log in to your account and confirm the access.

You have successfully connected the app and can now build scenarios.

Build Egnyte Scenarios

After connecting the app, you can perform the following actions:

File System

  • Watch Files

  • List Files/Subfolders in a Folder

  • Search Files and Folders

  • Get File Info

  • Upload a File

  • Download File

  • Move File

  • Copy File

  • Lock a File

  • Unlock a File

  • Delete a File

  • Get Folder’s Info

  • Create a Folder

  • Modify Folder Options

  • Move Folder

  • Copy Folder

  • Delete a Folder


  • List Links

  • Get a Link

  • Create a File Link

  • Create a Folder Link

  • Delete a Link


  • Get Folder Permissions

  • Set Folder Permissions


  • Watch Users

  • List Users

  • Get a User

  • Create a User

  • Update a User

  • Delete a User


  • List Comments

  • Get a Comment

  • Create a Comment

  • Delete a Comment


  • Watch Groups

  • List Groups

  • Get a Group

  • Create a Group

  • Rename a Group

  • Add a User to a Group

  • Remove a User from a Group

  • Delete a Group

User Insights

  • List Recent Files


  • List Trash Files

  • Get Total Trash Count

  • Restore Items from Trash

  • Delete Items from Trash


  • Watch Bookmarks

  • List Bookmarks

  • Get a Bookmark

  • Create a Bookmark

  • Delete a Bookmark


  • Watch Tasks

  • List Tasks

  • Get a Task

  • Create a Task

  • Change a Task Status

  • Update a Task

  • Delete a Task

Audit Reports

  • Create a Login Audit Report

  • Get a Login Audit Report

  • Create a File Audit Report

  • Get a File Audit Report

  • Create a Permission Audit Report

  • Get a Permissions Audit Report

  • Create a User Provisioning Audit Report

  • Get a User Provisioning Audit

  • Create a Group Provisioning Audit Report

  • Get a Group Provisioning Audit Report

  • Check Audit Report Generation Status

  • Delete an Audit Report


  • Search Metadata

  • List Namespaces

  • Get a Namespace

  • Get Values for a Namespace

  • Create a Namespace

  • Update Namespace Attributes

  • Update Namespace Keys

  • Set Values for a Namespace

  • Create a Metadata Key

  • Delete a Metadata Key

  • Delete a Namespace


  • Watch Events

  • Watch Events (Webhook)

  • List Events


  • Make an API Call