Leveraging Remote IDs for Data Synchronization in Boost.space

Remote ID is a table in the database for pairing third party records with Boost.space records where one Boost.space record can have several remote ids of external instruments.

Remote IDs are good to use both when synchronizing data and when working with third party applications. With the help of remote IDs you can easily query specific records.

Remote IDs consist of two fields – Remote ID and Remote Application.

In the “Remote ID” I write the real ID of the external device and in the “Remote Application” I write the name of the external application I am working with. This Remote application is especially useful if I am going to synchronize more tools to avoid duplicate entries of remote IDs.

The Boost.space modules, usually “Synchronize remote record“, “Create record” and “Update record“, already have inputs to which this can be written.

On the output when getting the log data, the Remote ID structure looks just like an array with objects of individual Remote IDs.

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