How to create a custom template in

To create your own templates, you must have created your own space in the Tasks module. This article will teach you how to create your custom template.

1. Click on “+ New task list” to create a new space.

module tasks - create a new task list

2. Name your space and click on “create”.

Name your space

3. Then create a new task by clicking on “New task”.

create a new task by clicking on new task

4. To create a new task you need to fill in the name and click on “create”.

fill the name of this task and click on create

5. In the task detail, fill in the information you want (e.g. date, estimated time, description…).

fill in the information in the task

6. After creating the desired tasks, click on “edit” at the top of the screen.

edit - pencil icon at the top of the screen

7. Then click on “create template” in the first section.

click on button create template

8. Name your template and click save.

name your template

9. In the newly created space where you want to use your template, click on “edit” at the top of the screen.

module tasks - actions - edit

10. In the first section, select “upload tasks from template”.

setting of tasks - upload tasks from template

11. Select your template and set the date from which each task should be loaded.

select and upload your template

12. In this new space you can see that the tasks have been rewritten. The date has also been moved automatically, according to your choice.

Tasks module - new tasks in the space

If you encounter any problems while creating a Custom template, feel free to contact us at our support.