Simplifying Data Import with the Synchronize Remote Record Module in Integrator

Synchronize remote record module is a special kind of module in Integrator, which is used for easier work when importing data into

Its purpose is mainly to create and update records in It is available for every application.

How the module works and how to map it

For this module it is necessary to map the target space where the data should be uploaded. Fill in all required (bold) fields and in the last row Remote ID and Remote Application.

When data is sent by this module, a decision action occurs on the backend in On the basis of the filled remote ID and the remote application it checks the existence of the record in

  • If such a record with Remote ID does not exit, it creates a completely new record and pairs a new Remote ID to it.
  • If such a Remote ID record exists, it updates the record.


The record update can be combined with the internal functionalities Key column and Data Consolidation.


If you encounter any problems during this process, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].