Step-by-Step Guide: Obtaining Your Client ID and Client Secret

For most applications, you can establish a connection by creating your own application. However, you need to create your own token to connect to some apps. Instructions on how to do this are available here

This article serves as a general guide for creating your application: creating Client ID and Client secret + where to find the redirect URL and other useful information.

For most applications, you need to create your own application to establish integration. In this article, you will learn how to create a connection (example – ClickUp). You may come across things that will be different when creating an app, but the basic process remains the same.

Create your own application

1. Click on your profile/settings icon.

clickup app - settings icon

2. In the selection, choose “Integrations” (also called “My apps” or “Apps and Integrations”).

clickup - settings window - integrations

3. You will then usually be able to select to create a custom app (In this case – ClickUp API).

clickup - list of integrations

4. Click on create a new app.

clickup api - create an app button

5. Here, enter the app name and redirect URL. The redirect URL that you will need can be found here.

PS: Clicking on the link will take you to a list of applications. There, search for your application. When you click on it, you will see the appropriate redirect URL at the top.

detailed application settings window

6. Click on create an application and save your Client ID and Client secretCAUTION: Keep this information private.

create an app - client ID and client secret

Creating a connection in

7. In, click on create a new scenario.

homepage of integromat

8. Click on the plus icon.

new scenario - plus icon

9. Now, you will need to click on “Add”. In the example, the “List All Task Members” scenario is selected, but you can select any.

clickup app - detail of connection

10. Then click on show advanced settings and enter your Client ID and Client secret. After that click on save.

create a connection - show advanced settings button

field for entering client ID and client secret

11. Finally, just click on Connect Workspace and that is it!

ClickUp app - Connect Workspace

When creating applications, you may encounter additional information that needs to be filled in, such as a description of your application, categorization, type of application, etc. If you have encountered any problems with your app, do not hesitate to contact our support at [email protected].