Using Attachments in provides an attachment feature that allows users to upload and manage various files across several modules and add-ons. This feature enhances organization and collaboration within your teams.

Products Module

In the Products Module, each product in the database can have its own attachments where product files and photos can be stored. This includes the ability to set a feature image, which is displayed in the product preview in the e-shop and in the product database within

Tasks Module

The Tasks Module includes a Kanban Board, Gantt Chart, and Labels and Statuses addons, which all support attachments. You can streamline and centralize your tasks from many sources and centralize your processes with these tools. This feature helps in creating, delegating, and sharing tasks. You can also keep order even with a significant number of tasks split between several teams.

Contracts Addon

In the Contracts Addon, you can store contracts as attachments. This addon is automatically integrated with other modules within, like Projects and Work reports