sends notifications for important events and changes that affect users sends notifications that alert users with a short message about important events and changes that affect them.


The notification is sent, for example, when: 

  • Assign a user (or team) to a space/record;
  • Remove a user (or team) from a space/record;
  • Change of space/record status;
  • Add a comment to a space/record.

Enabling notifications

To receive notifications, you need to enable them. When you first open the system, the browser will ask the user if they want to enable notifications.

popup window - notifications

If notifications are rejected, they can be reactivated in the user’s profile by clicking on profile picture → my profile → push notifications → subscribe.

Monitored tasks

So, according to the rules above, notifications are not automatically displayed to users who have created tasks and are not directly assigned to them. This concept helps to limit the number of notifications so that the user can focus on the records that are important to them.

If the user does not want to be directly assigned to a record but continues to follow its progress, he can click on the tracking icon and follow all changes to the selected record.