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Embark on your journey with Integrator and unlock the potential for seamless data management. Explore a range of topics, from setting up connections and scenarios for data synchronization to mastering advanced features like API token prioritization, data consolidation, and more. Whether you're synchronizing data into or out of it, optimizing your sync, or diving into additional scenario settings, this collection of articles has you covered. Get started today and take control of your data like never before.
This section contains articles that will help you understand different types of connections that you will use. Unlock the power of seamless connections with Explore our comprehensive collection of articles that guide you through different types of connections. Whether you want to synchronize data into from over 1900 third-party applications, efficiently share your data out of, set up CUD Webhooks or SYNC Requests, connect securely using system keys and API tokens, obtain Client IDs and Client Secrets for various applications, or connect to services and receive webhooks, we have you covered.
In this section you will learn everything about scenarios - from the start to the finish. In a nutshell, scenarios are specific connections between applications, enabling the transfer and transformation of data. These scenarios comprise modules that dictate data flow and processing. The scenario editor provides a user-friendly interface for creating and editing scenarios. Learn how to use filtering to select specific data bundles based on criteria, enhancing data processing efficiency.
Learn how, when and why to use these tools in this category. Dive into email management, covering tasks like downloading, sending, organizing, and marking emails. Webhooks usher in real-time data transfer, acting as instant triggers for scenarios. In the Tools section, discover essential modules, including custom triggers and bundle manipulation tools, to enhance your scenarios. equips you with a suite of tools to streamline your data workflows effortlessly.
See this category to learn what are the functions you can use and how to use them. Integrator empowers advanced users with versatile functions. Seamlessly map items, create complex formulas, and perform diverse data transformations, from text manipulation to date formatting. Effortlessly manage keys and certificates through direct insertion or file extraction, enhancing security and authentication. Integrator advanced capabilities supercharge your data automation.
You can find everything that you need to know about Integrator modules and how to use them in this section. Explore how to harness 3rd party services through APIs, staying up-to-date with the latest versions. Dive into five module types: Actions, Searches, Triggers, Aggregators, and Iterators. Actions, the most common type, facilitate data creation, reading, updating, and deletion. Fine-tune module settings, from Dropbox uploads to Email configurations. Maximize control with scenario customization, renaming, scheduling, and more.
Errors are a part of scenario execution, and knowing how to handle them is crucial. Learn to navigate errors caused by service failures, unexpected data responses, or input validation issues. Discover how to customize error handling using Integrator versatile directives. Explore five key error types, from connection errors to rate limits, and grasp how each impacts scenario execution. Gain the skills to keep your scenarios running smoothly, even in the face of errors.
Mapping is a fundamental skill for harnessing the full power of Integrator. See this section if you want to know how to do mapping properly. Dive into the intricacies of item data types, such as text, numbers, booleans, dates, and more. Explore how to handle collections and arrays effectively. Learn how validation plays a pivotal role in ensuring your data is correctly processed. Discover the art of working with files, from mapping file names to handling file content.
Take a look at the practical step by step guides. Learn to prevent Google Sheets from altering numbers into dates, capture and validate Email and Phone via Webhooks with Regex, and store them in a Data Store. Synchronize Airtable and Google contacts, and create Data Things on Bubble. And more! Boost your Integrator knowledge!