How to create a space in modules

Creating Spaces in Modules

It is possible to create an unlimited number of spaces and subspaces in each module.

Spaces are created by clicking on the + button on the left side of the screen.


Then a window with the creation of a specific space is opened. In this window, only the most necessary information needs to be filled in order to create the space (see the screenshot from the Work Reports module, where only the name and roles of users is needed).

If you are already in space when creating it, the “dive under” field is automatically pre-filled → Spaces can have more subsections for better orientation, for example, the Tasks module can have a space “Marketing team”, which has subspaces as “team Prague”, “team Brno” and others.

After clicking the “create” button, the space is created (in this case a list of reports) and you can add records to it.