Purchase of stock cards from suppliers in Boost.space Warehouse system

In the Purchases module, individual purchases of stock cards from suppliers are stored, allowing easy loading of stock cards. Each purchase is linked to the entire Boost.space system using a business process that is assigned to each purchase.

The Purchases module allows you to have all the details of individual purchases of the company and all important information related to purchases (e.g. information about prices, dates, buyers, suppliers, etc.) clearly stored. This module is optional (a receipt can be created without a purchase) and is especially suitable for companies that want to have a detailed overview of company purchases from suppliers.

Creation and purchase process

The purchase is always linked to one supplier from whom one or more stock cards are taken.

Each stock card is accompanied by the required quantity and unit price, or a description to specify the purchase requirements. After the purchase is sent to the supplier, the progress of the purchase is recorded and tracked using statuses.

Individual purchases are also displayed in the stock card detail.