Comparison of recorded and physical inventories in Warehouse management system

Inventory allows you to check and compare stock items in the Warehouses addon with the actual quantity of stock items in the warehouses.

The inventory can be company-wide for all warehouses at once, or it can be targeted according to:

  • Warehouse – for which specific warehouse the inventory is prepared
  • Type – filtering by stock item type

Inventory process

The inventory can be started by the Owner or the Warehouse Manager. After creating an inventory and pressing the “retrieve items from warehouse” button, the warehouse items corresponding to the filtering set are displayed. Each stock item has its current quantity in the system, which is compared with the actual stock levels found in the inventory.

For each stock item in the inventory, one of three states can occur:

  • quantity in system = quantity in stock → ideal state that does not require further action;
  • quantity in the system > quantity in stock → stock item is missing in the warehouse, a receipt is automatically created to which you can add a comment;
  • quantity in the system < quantity in stock → stock item in stock is overstocked, a receipt is automatically created to which a comment can be added.

Warehouses module - Inventory process

Closed dispatches, receipts, and transfers

To maintain order in the warehouse system, dispatches, receipts, and transfers with a date before the inventory are locked after the completion of the inventory, and it is also possible to create receipts, dispatches, and transfers only with a later date than the inventory.