Transferring stock items between warehouses

The Warehouse module is the central place for information about the availability of products and materials, as well as their unlimited management and control. See more at: Warehouses module - introduction

Stock transfers are used to transfer stock items between two internal warehouses

It is possible to set the stock transfer as follows:

  • From warehouse - from which warehouse the stock item will be taken;
  • To warehouse - to which warehouse the stock item will be received;
  • Issue date - the date when the stock item is to be transferred;
  • Converted to - what the transfer specifically relates to, there are three options to choose from: business opportunity, order, and task -> once selected, another field is displayed to specify the selection;
  • Transfer items - a stock item from one warehouse to another warehouse is always transferred within one stock card. If the stock item has not yet been created in the other warehouse (which receives the stock item), a proposal for its creation is automatically displayed;