is modular, which means that it can be adjusted to the needs of your company. Choose which modules you want to install and connect them to your other tools with integrations. All modules work independently. Thanks to the modular concept, you can upgrade module by module.

Activate the module at any time you like

A module is an application or tool inside the system. is built on modularity and contains dozens of modules that can be activated. See more at: What are modules?

System administrators can add and remove a module at any time in the module store. The newly added module is automatically connected to other modules and tools.

1. In the bottom right corner you see Modules and integrations(highlighted). When you open them, you will be taken to the Modules store. Here you can choose the module you would like to work with. 

2. When you activate the module, you choose in which menu it will be placed and who will see it on their desktop. The settings for the editor menu can be found in the next article of the documentation

3. When the modules are installed, the settings of these individual modules are added to the central settings. Before that, the settings of the individual modules were not visible in the system.


There are almost 30 modules in the module store. All modules can be enhanced with custom fields, statuses, and labels to suit your needs. These features can be found in the following documentation articles.

This guide is accompanied by an educational video in which our AI assistant Anna explains and demonstrates everything. You can find more videos on our blog in the Educative section.