How to create a stock issue in

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide helping you how to accomplish a mass import of records into a stock issue.

Import template – Stock issue

1. In order to create a stock issue, a stock card and a stock item must exist.

2. Create a spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheet). Fill in the first row according to the attached photo. In order to correctly create the dispensing sheet, you must fill in the stock card.

Google Sheets - Template - stock card, part number, stock item, serial number, amount, tax

3. After creating the spreadsheet, download the file in “.csv format”.

Google Sheets - download the template in csv

4. In the module open the Stock issues module, and click on “Add”.

Stock issue module - add button

5. Fill in the necessary information and upload your .csv file by clicking on “import items/records from csv”.

Add stock issue - import items from csv button

6. The import of the items has been done. To create it, click on “save”.

Add stock issue - items imported from csv - save button