Simple overview of item flow

The content of the spaces are the items themselves. As with spaces, it always depends on the specific module, in which items are involved and what function they perform. See more at: What are the items?

Throughout the system, item statuses work on a very similar concept.

Statuses by module

Each module contains basic, predefined item statuses that have related actions bound to them. The names and functions of the statuses vary depending on which module the item is in and consequently what statuses are set in the space.

Examples of predefined statuses

  • Tasks module - Active | Work in progress | Done | Archive
  • Module Orders - Active | Cancelled | Done | Archive
  • Purchases module - Created | Cancelled | Confirmed | Deposit paid | Paid | Received | Sorted
  • Offers module - Active | Lost | Won | Archive

Adding a subcategory to a status

The basic statuses introduced in the previous section always remain the same, but you can add a subcategory to each status for a more detailed overview of the item's progress. Status subcategories are set up for each space separately.

Examples of subcategories for status:

  • status Work in progress for the task - Draft | Sent for review | Confirmed | Rejected
  • status Active in a business opportunity - Lead | Initial meeting | Making an offer | Negotiation

It is possible to add and remove statuses in the settings of a specific space, which is displayed after clicking on the pencil icon.