Easy retrieval of stock items with Boost.space Warehouse module

Effortless Stock Item Retrieval with Boost.space Warehouse Module

Stock receipt is used for receiving all stock items to the warehouse.

To further specify the reason for stocking, receipts can be linked to a purchase, business opportunity, order, task or dispatch (in the case of a claim), thus ensuring visibility of the company’s overall stock management.

Basic information:

  • Warehouse – which specific warehouse the receipt relates to;
  • Currency – system currency, automatically pre-filled field;
  • Date of receipt – on which day the receipt is received;
  • Accepted for – to what the receipt specifically relates, there are three options to choose from: business opportunity, order, and task -> once selected, an additional field is displayed to specify the selection;
  • Note – any note to the stock receipt;
  • Accepted by user – which user accepts the stock item;
  • Attachments – to add important information to the stock receipt;
  • Receipt records –  stock items that are stocked by the stock receipt. If the item is linked to a purchase (“from purchase”), the stock card and stock item are automatically selected (if the stock item does not exist in the warehouse, it is offered to create it).
    These records are accompanied by:

    • Quantity – amount in stock;
    • VAT – choice between 0%, 15%, 19% and 21% taxation;
    • Unit price – price for 1 piece of the received stock item.