How to create and manage variants of products in

Each product may contain several variants that share the same characteristics but differ in some attributes – size, weight, color, engine power, equipment, or anything else.

To add variants to a product, you first need to create the product attributes that differentiate the product variants. The base product is then usually named more generally and all its variants, including the base variant, are added to the variants. For example: Blue T-shirt / Variants: S, M (= basic variant), L, XL.

Create and manage product attributes

The attributes are predefined in system settings (admin) → Products → Product attributes.

The new product attributes are global – they can be used for all products.

Create and manage product variants

It is then possible to add individual product variants for each product in the Variants tab.

For a new variant, you always need to specify the variant name and set the distinguishing attribute(s) that were predefined in the system settings.


Product: bracelet

Product attribute 1 (color): black, brown

Product attribute 2 (type): with fastening, without fastening

If we sell a bracelet with all possible variants, we create 4 variants within the product detail (bracelet) → Variants:

  1. variant = Attribute “color”: blue | Attribute “type”: with fastening
  2. variant = Attribute “color”: blue | Attribute “type”: without fastening
  3. variant = Attribute “color”: brown | Attribute “type”: with fastening
  4. variant = Attribute “color”: brown | Attribute “type”: without fastening

In addition, the variants can be enhanced by:

  • Default picture
  • Price – Used for specific pricing of variants. If the price is not filled in, the base price of the product is used.
  • Part No.
  • EAN code
  • SKU
  • And other…

In the case of multiple variants, the system allows you to select one default product variant. If you use the integration with the e-shop, the default variant and its price will be displayed in the list of products (other variants can be selected in the product detail).