Managing system remains clear even with large amounts of data (Space - Personal Contacts)']space[/tooltip]s and items in Roles and permissions explained

In addition to system roles, there are roles for spaces in that affect who can manage and use them, including their items.

members, managers and owners of a specific space. Can view and manage items. Can edit settings of a given space.']owner[/tooltip]

Can manage members, managers, and owners of a specific space, view and manage items. At the same time, can edit the settings of a given space (for example, status lists and labels), including deleting an entire space.


Can manage members and space managers, view and manage items. Can also modify space settings (such as status lists and labels).


Can view and manage items while using existing statuses and labels. Cannot manage space members.

Setting roles

The settings for each role in a space can be viewed by clicking the + icon next to the space name (highlighted). This icon is displayed to users who have the manager or owner role in the space.

the plus icon to add a user to space


users settings and their rights