Don’t wait for a stock card, reserve one

Reservation is used to reserve stock cards in a certain quantity on a certain date.

It is advisable to create a stock reservation when you need to have a stock card in stock on a specific date (e.g. when production is scheduled for specific days or for an arranged collection of a stock item by a client). A reservation can be created in general for all internal warehouses or for one specific warehouse.

In larger companies, reservations are used for production planning, where buyers use stock reservations to see what material will need to be stocked on what days.

For reservations, you can set:

  • Stock card – which stock card is reserved;
  • Quantity – the reserved quantity of the stock item;
  • Warehouse – which warehouse the reservation applies to;
  • Status – for an easy overview of the reservation process;
  • Reserved on – what the reservation is specifically related to, there are three options to choose from: business case, contract, and task -> after selecting it, a new field is displayed to specify the selection;
  • Note – another note about the reservation;
  • From – since when the stock item should be available;
  • To – by when the stock item should be available;
  • Reserved for – which user is requesting the reservation;

Currently reserved quantity

The currently booked quantity is also displayed in the Stock Cards addon in the “amount of reserved” column.