Detailed marking of records in with labels.

Records can be labeled to ensure more detailed orientation between records. There are two types of labels in the system


Labels can be set by both user and admin. The difference is that the admin has access to settings, so he can set labels globally or across multiple spaces. User can only put labels on the level of the space in which he is Manager or Owner. You can learn about user and admin permissions in this article.

Personal labels

Personal labels are user-specific and only visible to the user who created them, allowing for an individualized organization that is not visible to others. Personal labels are always located above the spaces at the module level.

Shared labels

Shared labels are assigned to spaces and are visible to all users. Each space can have a unique set of labels. If no label is assigned to a space in the settings (i.e., if nothing is marked), the label is considered global and will be visible across all spaces.

Personal and shared labels are available in the filtration panel or inside the record detail after clicking on the EDIT button.