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This application needs additional settings. Please follow the documentation below to create your own connection.


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Powerlink is now rebranded to Fireberry.

With the Fireberry modules in Integrator, you can:

  • add comments to the object

  • create a call record

  • create, update, and delete objects

  • upload files

  • call APIs

To get started with Fireberry, create an account at

For the list of available endpoints, refer to the Fireberry API documentation.

Connect Fireberry with Integrator

To connect the Fireberry app with the Integrator:

  1. Log in to your Fireberry account.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click Integrations >Web Forms and copy the My Token value to your clipboard.

  4. Log in to your Integrator and add a module from the Fireberry into a Integrator scenario.

  5. Click Add next to the Connection field.

  6. Optional: In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

  7. In the Token field, enter the details copied in Step 3 and click Save.

You have successfully connected the Fireberry app with Integrator and can now build scenarios.


You can add a comment to a Fireberry object, create a call record, and add, update, and delete the objects and files using the following modules.

Add a Comment

Adds a comment to a Fireberry object.

Create a Call Record

Creates a new call record.

Create an Object

Creates a new Fireberry object.

Delete an Object

Deletes a Fireberry object.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Update an Object

Updates a Fireberry object.

Upload a File

Uploads a file to a Fireberry object.


You can search the objects using the following module.

Query Objects

Performs a query for Fireberry objects.