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This application needs additional settings. Please follow the documentation below to create your own connection.

Lightspeed eCom

With LightSpeed eCom modules in Integrator, you can watch, create, update, retrieve, search, list, and delete the tasks, discounts, tickets, tags, invoices, taxes, groups, products, checkouts, orders, variants, and subscriptions.

To get started with Lightspeed eCom, create an account at lightspeedecom.

For the list of available endpoints, refer to the Lightspeed eCom API documentation.

Connect Lightspeed eCom to Integrator

To connect to Integrator, you need to retrieve the API key and API secret from your Lightspeed eCom account.

  1. Log in to your Lightspeed eCom account.

  2. Click Settings > Developers.

  3. Click New API Key.

  4. Enter a name for the API Key and click Save.

  5. Enable the API Key, Select the permissions, and click Save. Copy the API Key and API Secret values to a safe place.

  6. Log in to your Integrator account and open the Lightspeed eCom module’s create a connection dialog.

  7. Click Add next to the Connection field.

  8. Optional: In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

  9. In the Shop Language field, select the language in which the shop will be available.

  10. In the API Key and API Secret fields, enter the values copied in Step 5 and click Save.

You have successfully connected the Lightspeed eCom app and can now build scenarios.

Build LightSpeed eCom Scenarios

After connecting the app, you can perform the following actions:

  • Watch Event

    Triggers when an event occurs.

  • Create a Checkout by Quote

    Create a checkout based on an existing quote.

  • Create a Checkout

    Creates a new checkout.

  • Add a Product to a Checkout

    Adds products to the checkout.

  • Update a Payment Method

    Updates a payment method.

  • Finish a Checkout

    Validates and finishes a checkout.

  • Create a Product

    Creates a new product.

  • Update a Product

    Updates an existing product.

  • Get a Product

    Retrieves a single product.

  • Search Products

    Retrieves a list of all product objects from this shop.

  • Delete a Product

    Deletes an existing product.

  • Create a Custom Status

    Creates a new custom status.

  • Update an Order

    Updates an existing order.

  • Get an Order

    Retrieves a single order.

  • Search Orders

    Retrieves a list of all order objects from this shop.

  • Create a Discount

    Creates a new discount.

  • Update a Discount

    Updates an existing discount.

  • Get a Discount

    Retrieves a single discount.

  • Search Discounts

    Retrieves a list of all discount objects from this shop.

  • Delete a Discount

    Deletes an existing discount.

  • Update an Invoice

    Updates an existing invoice.

  • Get an Invoice

    Retrieves a list of all invoice objects from this shop.

  • Search Invoices

    Retrieves a list of all invoice objects from this shop.

  • Create a Ticket

    Creates a new ticket.

  • Update a Ticket

    Updates an existing ticket.

  • Get a Ticket

    Retrieves a single ticket.

  • Search Tickets

    Retrieves a list of all ticket objects from this shop.

  • Delete a Ticket

    Deletes an existing ticket.

  • Create a Tax

    Create a new tax.

  • Get a Tax

    Retrieves a single tax.

  • List Taxes

    Retrieves a list of all tax objects from this shop.

  • Deletes a Tax

    Deletes an existing tax.

  • Creates a Tag

    Creates a new tag.

  • Update a Tag

    Updates an existing tag.

  • Get a Tag

    Retrieves a single tag.

  • Search Tags

    Retrieves a list of all tag objects from this shop.

  • Delete a Tag

    Deletes an existing tag.

  • Create a Group

    Creates a new group.

  • Update a Group

    Updates an existing group.

  • Get a Group

    Retrieves a single group.

  • Search Groups

    Retrieves a list of all group objects from this shop.

  • Delete a Group

    Deletes an existing group.

  • Search Variants

    Retrieves a list of all variant objects from this shop.

  • Create a Subscription

    Create a new subscription.

  • Update a Subscription

    Updates an existing subscription.

  • Make an API Call

    Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.