This application does not need additional settings. So you can make connection only by using your login credentials or by following the instructions below .

Google Shopping

With the Google Shopping modules in Integrator, you can create, update, list, and delete products and list product statuses.

To get started with Google Shopping, create an account at

Obtain client credentials for your custom app

To obtain the client credentials, you must have access to Google Cloud Console and be able to create or edit the project.

  1. Sign in to Google Cloud console using your Google credentials.

  2. Click Select a project > NEW PROJECT. Enter the desired project name, and click the CREATE button.

  3. Select the project you have created.

  4. Go to APIs & Services > Library.

  5. Search and enable the following required APIs:

    • Cloud Resource Manager API

    • Content API for Shopping

    The desired service option should display as you type. Click on the API/service you want to connect to Integrator.

  6. Click the ENABLE button to enable the selected API.

  7. Navigate to APIs & Services > OAuth consent screen.

  8. Choose the External option, and click the CREATE button.

    [Note] Note

    You will not be charged when selecting this option! For more details, please refer to Google’s Exceptions to verification requirements.

  9. Fill in the required fields as follows, and then click Save and Continue:

    App name

    Enter the name of the app asking for consent. For example, Integrator.

    Authorized domains



  10. You don’t have to set anything in the Scopes and Optional info sections. Click Save and Continue.

  11. In the Test Users section, click ADD USERS and enter the testing user email address to access the app.

  12. Navigate to Credentials. Click the +CREATE CREDENTIALS and select the OAuth Client IDoption.

  13. Fill in the required fields as follows, and then click the CREATE button to create the application:

    Application type

    web application


    Name of the application. For example, Integrator.

    Authorized redirect URIs

  14. A dialog containing the app’s Client ID and Client Secret is displayed. Save them in a safe place for later use.


You have successfully created the client credentials.

Connecting the Google Shopping service to Integrator

To connect Google Shopping app:

  1. Log in to your Integrator account, insert a Google Shopping module in your scenario, and click the Add button next to the Connection field.

  2. Optional: In the Connection name field, enter a name for the connection.

  3. Optional: Click Show advanced settings and enter the client credentials of your custom app.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Confirm the permissions dialog by clicking the Allow button.


You have successfully established the connection. You can now edit your scenario and add more Google Shopping modules. If your connection needs reauthorization at any point, follow the connection renewal steps here.

Build Google Shopping Scenarios

For every module, you will need to enter your Merchant ID. It can be found in the upper-right corner of your Google Checkout merchant session, any time you are logged in.


Before you start setting up the modules, we recommend that you carefully read the Google Merchant Help, especially the Products Feed Specification.