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In this article, you will learn what the API token is and how to create it.

See this link to learn how to create your own step-by-step API token that you will use in Integrator.

API token

The API token is a multi-digit code that allows a user to authenticate with cloud applications. It is created under the user - the Token itself cannot have more rights than those assigned to the user. The token then serves as a login system and allows you to create integrations.

Token privileges

In the token settings, you choose what the token can modify and to what extent. For example, it will be able to affect tasks, invoices, orders... You can also set different rights:

reading - Allows you to read (tasks)

creation - Allows you to create (tasks)

editing - Allows you to edit (tasks)

deleting - Allows you to delete (tasks)

WARNING: Once a token is created, it cannot be edited. If you want to make changes, you will need to create a new token. It is, therefore, better to select all possible permissions for the token.