Keep track of your inventory management and control it #

The Warehouse module is the central place for information about the availability of products and materials, as well as their unlimited management and control.

The Warehouse module is interconnected with the entire system, which guarantees fast and carefree warehouse management with an emphasis on optimizing inventory according to the current needs of the company.

Keep track and control of your warehouse management with the warehouse modules:

The interconnection of the stock modules can be seen in the picture below, the individual parts are discussed in more detail in the other sections of the documentation.

Any number of warehouses #

The Warehouses module is designed to work with multiple warehouses at the same time. The individual warehouses in the hierarchy fall between spaces, thus ensuring simple user management within the warehouses. Warehouses can be divided, for example, by their location (Prague, Brno) or by ownership (central, personal), and more.