Navigate the framework of our system, gaining insights into modules, spaces, and how to synergize users and teams.

In this category, you will find all the basic information needed when setting up your system for the first time. You will learn what users and admins are and how you can invite a new member to the system. You will find out what modules and add-ons we offer and how you can add them to your system. Here you will find information about the structure of the system and you will get acquainted with modules, spaces, and records. Last but not least, you will also get to know the various roles in the space - owner, manager, member. uses modules and addons as building blocks that are interconnected. These tools can be added or removed by an admin through the module store, with newly added modules/addons automatically appearing on the homepage and connected to other tools. Users can access settings and change various features, such as appearance and management. In this category, you will learn everything about our Modules and Addons. Additionally, you will find specific articles related to our particular modules, which will help you with their use. is a modular system designed to help you efficiently organize data. Spaces serve as the central components, offering organization and control, all managed by administrators. These spaces, aligned with specific modules, facilitate intuitive navigation. Custom templates streamline workflow management, while distinct roles like owner, manager, and member allow precise control over access and simplifies user management, offering three key roles for collaboration: owner, manager, and member. In summary, offers modular organization, controlled access, and roles for efficient data management. is a combination of cloud database and integration platform for managing records. Access to records is controlled by administrators, ensuring authorized users can work with them. Each module serves specific purposes, and records contain essential information relevant to their respective modules and spaces. offers different views and efficient ways to create, edit, and remove records. For large datasets, filtering capabilities streamline navigation. The platform also includes a robust labeling system for effective data organization. is a centralization and synchronization platform designed to efficiently manage users and teams while organizing and managing data. It provides user and team management capabilities, allowing administrators to create new users, set up teams, and assign roles. This system simplifies tasks like inviting new colleagues, creating users manually, and managing user lists. Additionally, offers seamless team management and role assignment, ensuring smooth collaboration and access control. There are two key system roles: Admins and Users. With, you can tailor teams and categories to your company's structure for optimal organization.
Explore features for seamless data management and workflow optimization.  Discover integration capabilities, connecting with 1800+ apps for streamlined data synchronization. Organize and enrich your data effortlessly with personal and shared labels, and stay updated with notifications. Track specific records with the 'Watch' function, access Boost.Space on mobile, and experiment in the Sandbox environment risk-free. provides comprehensive system settings for administrators. Here, you can control the system's appearance, language, currency, and menu customization to grant specific module access to users and teams. Access these settings from the main desktop. Within the System Settings section, you can edit module and addon configurations. Each module has its own settings for custom fields, labels, statuses, and more. also allows full design customization. Administrators can modify logos, backgrounds, favicons, and system colors in the system settings to align with their brand.
Unlock the full potential of Boost.Space by understanding the essential requirement for maintaining active scenarios. In collaboration with, we've integrated cutting-edge technology into our platform.