Efficient team management and role assignment with Boost.space

Teams group multiple members (admins and users) into a single unit.

It is easy to assign the team to individual parts of the system:

  • to modules in the Menu Editor;
  • to specific spaces when creating them or in the settings of spaces;
  • to the records in the record detail.

Each user can be a member of multiple teams at the same time. If added to an existing team, they automatically have access to everything that team has access to (including history).

Teams are managed by administrators

Administrators create teams, and they add or remove members. This team management is done in the settings of the system within the Users section.


Setting up teams and categories is up to each company, but just for inspiration: a team can be for example marketing, developers, designers, finance, production, or also for example directors, employees, clients, or anything else.

You can get information not only on this topic on our blog in the Educative section, where you can find video tutorials from our AI assistant Anna.