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Why integrate data into

By creating a scenario between the tool and, the data is stored in a predefined structure in the system (GET data).

This way it is possible to get data from all linked tools. All other linked integrations draw data from the same structure. Then when we make an integration from to another application, it already draws data from one structure inside the system (POST data).

Without you need to connect the integrations directly. This would require a large number of templates for each of the tools to cover everything.


Each application has its data, for example, email, first name, last name, address, etc. stored in a specific structure. has its own structure, for example, mail, full name, etc. When integrating, all this information is mapped: mail → email, first and last name → full name, and so on.

Thus, from all connected applications to, a uniform mapping takes place, which is easy to use later. There is no need to do each mapping separately.

For more information on mapping and integration processes, click here.