Why connect Dotykačka with Boost.space?


By Vít Bilinec

updated about 2 months ago

Get the most out of your physical cash register

By connecting the physical cash register Dotykačka with the Boost.space system, you get completely new opportunities for use.

Linking several physical cash registers

You can connect an unlimited number of physical cash registers (Dotykaček) to Boost.space.

Just create a new integration for each individual cash register (cloud) and it's done. For these integrations, you then have the option to set whether they draw the same products (you assign them the same product lists), the same stock management (you assign them the same warehouses) and whether orders should be stored in the same place (you assign them the same business process).

This connection is absolutely simple and with our instructions, you will have everything you need in a few minutes.

Connecting physical cash registers with e-shop

Have you ever wanted to connect physical checkouts in stores with an e-shop? Use the same products in the e-shop and physical checkout? Have a clear overview of your stock management? Boost.space is the solution.

You can connect your e-shops (Prestashop) to Boost.space, which can then be easily connected to your physical cash registers. Both the e-shop and the checkouts can use common products, stock management, and much more. Of course, advanced data analytics are available to analyze the sales and profitability of your products, determine the seasonality of your sales, and uncover your strengths or weaknesses in the sales process.

The central database of products

What is the purpose of such a central product database? Imagine that you have several stores or e-shops where you offer the same products and you want to make any change, for example, change the price, give a discount on the product, withdraw it from a sale or simply edit the information. In Boost.space you make this change in one place and this change is updated in all your stores, in all your e-shops.

The best part is that this setup requires one click - simply select the product list in the integration within the "Product List" field that you will use for your other integrations (Touch, Prestashop, etc).

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