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By Vít Bilinec

updated about 2 months ago

Connecting with Dotykačka

In this tutorial, you will learn how to start synchronizing your Dotykačka checkouts with

1. Default settings in

The first part of the synchronization takes place in

  1. Set product categories
  2. Set up products in spaces that will sync with Dotykačka
  3. Set business process (if downloading orders from the Dotykačka is required)
  4. Set warehouses (if stock removal is required when downloading orders from Dotykačka)

2. Setting up the integration of Dotykačka within

In the second part, we can focus on setting up the integration itself

  1. Create a new Dotykačka integration (Home → Module Store → Integrations → Dotykačka→ Add Integration)
    1. Safe mode - disables any erasure of data - switch to YES if you want to make sure that the integration does not delete any existing data
    2. Business Process - fill in the business process if you want to download orders to this business process from Dotykačka (optional)
    3. Assigned products - select one or more lists of products that you want to synchronize with Dotykačka
    4. Assigned warehouses - select one or more warehouses from which you want to pick goods when downloading orders (optional)
  2. Click "Save" and then use the pencil icon to open the created integration
  3. Click "Select action" → User authentication 
    1. A window will open with the Dotykačka portal where you need to log in and select the cloud with which you will synchronize the data
    2. After selecting the cloud and the confirmation, is successfully paired with the Dotykačka cloud and you can start syncing

3. Data synchronization of Dotykačka and

The third part consists of the initial setup of data synchronization, which will then be performed automatically

  1. Click on select action → Sync product categories - required for new integrations (then happens automatically 1x overnight)
  2. Click on select action → Product synchronization - required for new integrations (from now on it happens automatically every 30 minutes)
  3. Click on select action → Synchronize warehouses - required for new integration (from now on it happens automatically every 30 minutes)
  4. Click on select action → Synchronize orders - required for new integration (from now on it happens automatically every 30 minutes)
  5. Switch the integration status to Active

Regular synchronizations require the status to be set as Active. If an unexpected error occurs during a sync, the status is switched to Suspended. In this case, you need to perform the synchronization manually (using the "Select Action" button) and find out what happened from the logs (which will be displayed). If the error is not obvious, contact us at

Different actions

In addition to user authentication and data synchronization, you also have the option of the "Difference" action.

These actions list the difference between the data and the data inside the Touch. This allows you to easily check what changes, and if any, the data synchronization will make.

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