Navigating through a large number of items

The content of the spaces are the items themselves. As with spaces, it always depends on the specific module, in which items are involved and what function they perform. See more at: What are the items?

For easy navigation among a large number of items, filtering can be used. In most modules, two types of item filtering can be applied.

Columnar filtering

For columns containing an icon and an input field, it is possible to filter according to predefined filters.

Simply enter the text or number you wish to filter by and then select a condition such as:

  • Numeric columns - equal to | greater than | lower than
  • Text columns - contains | starts with | ends with | equals to

Filtering and contents of filters vary according to the function of the column (e.g. it is preferable to filter the numeric designation of an order as a text rather than as a number).

Filtration panel

When working with a large number of items, the filtration panel is one of the most important features to help you organize your items.

The filtration panel allows you to filter items by several criteria, for example:

  • spaces - select the spaces from which you wish to display items. Spaces are named according to the module. These can be, for example, business processes, todo lists, report lists, etc.;
  • tags - simple filtering based on one or more labels, which are used to mark individual items;
  • statuses - filtering by the current status of the item;
  • users - when it is necessary to display only those items to which a specific user (for example, you), users or entire teams are assigned.